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All our Renewable Energy courses are available in Spanish, French, German and English! Contact us for more details…

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In a sector as complex and dynamic as the oil and gas industry, having the right training and consulting partner is a game-changer. We, London Petro Academy LTD brings a wealth of experience, a team of industry experts, and a commitment to excellence to every project they undertake. Our ability to define training objectives, design on-point training, certify competence, and offer tailored learning solutions makes us a top choice for NOC’s, IOC’s, and Energy Ministries worldwide.

Choose your learning medium

Remote Live Courses

Available at any time zone globally

All our courses are available on remote live format and are run on different time zones.

Inconvenient date/timing? No worries, you can suggest another date/timing that would suit your team. Please feel free to contact us to discuss alternative dates.

Classroom Courses 

In-Person sessions in different cities globally

Our 2024 calendar has a complete list of courses scheduled  to take place in different cities around the world.

Our courses are held in London, Singapore, Dubai, Paris, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul and many more cities

In-House tailored courses

Available in remote live & Classroom format

All our courses are available In-House and can be tailored to your specific requirements and delivered in your office or at any location of your choice.

Due to the global pandemic, all our Classroom/In Person courses have been  to a remote live format until further notice.

In-House Delivery

Let's bring our experts to your office!

At London Petro Academy, we understand that every organisation has unique needs when it comes to training their employees. That's why we offer comprehensive In-House training courses that can be fully tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Our expert trainers work closely with your team to identify your goals, challenges, and desired outcomes, allowing us to design a customised programme that addresses your organisation's specific needs.

With our In-House training, you can expect highly interactive sessions, practical exercises, and real-world examples that resonate with your industry.


By delivering training directly at your location or at any external venue of your choice, we ensure convenience and flexibility while maintaining a focus on maximising the impact of the learning experience.


Invest in your team's professional development and witness the positive transformation that our tailored In-House training can bring to your organisation.


Contact us today to discuss your training needs and let us create a customised program just for you.

The Initial Inquiry

Your enquiry will be directed to one of our consultants for a no-obligation consultation and fact-gathering discussion. We place great emphasis on this stage as, from experience, we and our clients find that the original training need can change and develop during this part of the process sometimes drastically so.

NB: At this stage, if required, a "ballpark" quote can be given. It must be stressed that this is just a guideline as after a more in-depth consultation, a more accurate costing can be presented based on the agreed programme.

The Consultation

We employ a variety of methods to ensure we understand exactly what training or consultancy services you require. After the initial meeting/call with our training consultant, a face-to-face meeting or a conference call with our trainer is recommended. We can also employ the use of confidential questionnaires, which are developed with the client, created and sent to your team. These questionnaires can help identify the specific work-based problems/issues your team would like to address during the training.

The Proposal

Once your needs have been established, our training development consultant will put forward a detailed proposal on the best solution for your organisation. The proposed programme could range from a one-day update to a more involved solutions, including face-to-face and virtual training depending on your needs.

Once the proposal has been agreed and the contract signed, the real work can start!

The Delivery

Our client services team will liaise with you to manage the implementation of the project. At this stage more information gathering may occur to define the expectations of the participants. The use of 360 profiling has proven a popular and productive source of information gathering, providing invaluable data, which helps our trainers develop a first-class training solution.

The training can be delivered either at your organisation or an external venue such as a hotel or training rooms of your choice. If an external venue is required this can be organised by yourself, or we can arrange it for you. 

London Petro Academy will provide all the courses materials needed to complete the training. alongside a post-course evaluation report with the feedback of the participants.

Your next step is to call us now on +44 (0) 1582 516247 or email us at info@londonpetroacademy.co.uk or use our In-House request form to find out how we can help. There are no commitments and if we cannot help, our advice and recommendations are free of charge.

Why London Petro Academy

Having spent many years evolving our oil and gas training offer, our goal is to help you get the most from your learning budget. We partner with you to develop your people, giving them the ability to quickly adapt to required business change so you can outperform your competition.


Professionals trained in the last 5 years


World's largest Oil & Gas companies have chosen us as their training provider


Companies have worked with us to fulfil their learning needs

What do they say

High quality courses

"London Petro Academy provides high quality training courses."

Vanessa Fernandes


Organisation & Efficiency

"Very organised, very efficient & well co-ordinated."

Aarinola Bode-Omoleye


First Impression

" After my first participation I can say that London Petro Academy provides high quality training courses in the Oil & Gas industry."

Rodrigo Augusto Da Silva



" Dedicated, professional and patient."

Lim Ling


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